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omg it’s kensey/manateematinee!!!

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wait whoa i fucking know this girl, she’s on wut!! guys, help me out who is she?

It’s cibeles!!! 


The wonderful young woman above is my friend Asma. She is an incredible, passionate, intelligent (two doctorates), compassionate, beautiful (inside and out) person who deserves everything in this world, but, unfortunately, is extremely sick right now and dealing with complications from issues that have gone undiagnosed for years -  and may be caused by leukemia.

Like so many other people in the United States, Asma doesn’t have health insurance. Even worse, getting it is very expensive and near impossible due to her pre-existing health issues. Horribly, things only keep adding up and getting worse. There is an insurance company willing to take her on and set up a payment-type-plan for all the work she needs (starting with some major surgeries) but, this is where I ask you for any help you can provide. She has no money to put towards beginning this, and the procedures she needs are essentially endless at this point in time. We all hope she only improves and moves towards health as time progresses, but with the costs of such being so large and exponentially growing, she could use any dollar you have to spare.
I know everyone has been going through some rough times with money during these past couple years, but literally, even a single dollar you could spare would help her so much. Everything adds up, and she and myself and all those who love her would be eternally grateful.

Any donations can be sent to her paypal account, and please remember to mark it as a personal—>gift so no fees are applied (though, I think there is a very small fee no matter what that you can select to pay yourself so she doesn’t end up with it.)

Thank you so much for reading. I know that you may not know Asma personally, but she is a truly beautiful person inside and out and deserves this more than anyone else.

Even if you can’t donate, reblog! Everything helps

<3 wishing Asma the best she is a lovely person! 

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LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE POST TODAY! And so did all 3 of my ZOYA nailpolishes!

Let’s just overlook the fact that I haven’t already had this scarf.

Querida, that scarf is looking the most beautiful around your neck.

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request request request!


Hey everyone! I have a big favor to ask. My beautiful, smart, caring friend Asma needs a bit of help. Without going into too much detail, she needs a lot of medications and some surgical procedures (most urgently to deal with some hardcore infections she’s been dealing with). She’s a strong, amazing woman and we all know she’s going to pull through this, but it’s terribly expensive without health insurance. I know we’re all pulling for Asma to get well soon, but she’s been having to cancel doctors’ appointments and surgical consultations because of the cost.

If any of you would consider paypalling her some money at, it would mean a lot. Every little bit helps!

Also, if you can’t but you have something else you’d be willing to do for her (IE knitting or painting something, etc., selling it, and sending her the money) it would still be a huge help.

I know this is a lot to ask but few people need or deserve this as much as Asma.

Thank you!

Help Asma if you can, please! Even just reblogging helps get the word out there. She’s so sweet and deserving, and in such a heartbreaking situation. 

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