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You don’t understand why preaching nonviolence is racist because you don’t understand violence. You don’t understand what it’s like to live in a place where you might get shot every time you step outside your door. You don’t understand the violence we experience when the police treat the families of criminals, like criminals. You don’t understand the violence I experience every time I turn on the television, and see my people portrayed as either whores, day laborers, or maids. When I fight back, it’s not violence—it’s resistance.

taken from a piece of larger commentary by rosadefuego about the way OccupyOakland has rejected and condemned the violence (i.e. vandalism, ‘anarchistic’ tactics) of a subgroup.  (via sarah-today)

(via sarah-today)


Banksy @ Occupy London

Alex Kim with his cat Obi on his shoulder flashes peace signs at police officers. He was one of two protesters arrested after defying an order to vacate the encampment on Sproul Plaza.

OccupyCal 11/18/11


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Come to. Anyone and everyone. We need your support

Anyone in the area come help occupy cal asap!!!!