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"I’ve been examining my values lately, and determining whether or not I like the feelings that result from those values."
"What’s an example of one of your values?"
"I’m very competitive."
"And what’s a feeling that results from being competitive?”
"How does competitiveness result in jealousy?"
"When you have a competitive mindset, you tend to view the world in terms of winners and losers. So you resent other people getting recognition, because you somehow believe that less recognition is available to you. I’m learning that this is a false mindset. There’s not a fixed amount of success and recognition in the world. So another person’s accomplishments don’t diminish the accomplishments available to you."

Will I be something? Am I something? And the answer comes: You already are. You always were. And you still have time to be.

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Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki

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Word on the Street

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the garden collection // colors organized neatly
emily blincoe (prints here)
august 2013

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